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Many Mosser Lee customers have developed new and novel uses for our products. This site allows you to see how other gardeners have used our products. Just click on the pictures below to see a bigger version and read the author’s comments.

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Staghorn Fern mounting

by UnusualPlantsNThings from Hayward, CA

I use Mosser Lee Spagnum Moss long fiber to mount my Platycerium Staghorn Fern onto a board. The board moves indoors or outdoors depending on

Philodendron micans

by Erin from Creve Coeur, MO

The P. micans LOVES to climb, and these poles have been perfect!

Epipremnum pinnatum albo

by Erin from Creve Coeur, MO

When given the opportunity to climb, these beauties will grow large, fenestrated leaves. Your totem pole has been perfect, and I can already see the

Topiary Horse

by David Gebhardt from Winona, MN

Topiary horse using Mosser Lee Sphagnum Moss with Boston Ivy.

Moss covered Monstera

by Brian from Monrovia, CA

I just bought the sheet moss today and placed it over the soil of my monstera pot. I misted it with water and it instantly

Halloween Wall Hanging

by Rebecca from Chicago, IL

Sheet moss covers this pumpkin shape, with just a hint of decoration at the top. The Living Wreath was very easy to use.

Fairy home

by Paul from San Antonio, TX

I covered the fairy homes roof with Mosser Lee decorative Spanish Moss and it topped off the project perfectly.

Succulent Sphere hanging outdoors

Succulent Sphere

by Martin from Santa Clairita, CA

“Succulent Sphere comes to Life!” Thanks to the inside which contains Mosser Lee Sphagnum Moss

Fire bowl using Mosser Lee Mystical Sea Glass

Mystic Sea Glass Fire Bowl

by Kim from Ontario, WI

I just had to try the Mosser Lee Mystic Sea Glass to make a Fire Bowl for my friends who live in Florida. I think

Fire bowl using Mosser Lee Elegant Blue Gems

Elegant Blue Gems Fire Bowl

by Kim from Ontairo, WI

The Elegant Blue Gems in Jars from Mosser Lee make for an elegant fire bowl for my back patio table. To make you can use