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The following “How to” projects are filled with helpful hints to increase your gardening enjoyment. We are continuously updating and adding new projects, so bookmark this page and revisit often. Each “How to” project can be downloaded or printed for future reference. Enjoy your new experience.

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Person at table using Mosser Lee Soil Master Soil Test Kit

How to Test Soil

Soil testing is highly recommended for gardens, potted plants, and lawns every year. If your soil does not contain the proper nutrition for your plant,

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How to Start Seeds Indoors

In most northern climates, gardeners have long known about the benefits gained when you start seeds indoors. In particular when using seeds to start their own vegetable and flower plants. Not only can you choose the exact plant variety you want to grow in your garden, but you also will be able to maintain the organic growing conditions that may not exist from commercially-grown plants. Generally, only the most common flower and vegetable plants are available at your local garden center during the Spring of the year. Growing your own plants from seed can provide you with a truly unique and enjoyable garden. 


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