How to Make a Fall Pumpkin Planter

Project Difficulty


What You Will Need

Pumpkin – Live or Styrofoam

Mosser Lee Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

Flowers (see recommendations)

Succulents (optional)

Spanish moss (as desired)

Reindeer Moss (as desired)


If you are a gardener with pumpkin spice running through your veins all year long, this is the “How to” for you. We love early fall gardening and enjoy seeing the season’s joy explode with color and fragrance. Making a Fall Pumpkin Planter is a great way to kick start the season with a long-lasting project.

Video Tutorial – Pumpkin Planter

Making a Pumpkin Planter

Step 1 – Select your Pumpkin Planter

Select your pumpkin planter. We selected some foam pumpkins from a local craft store for this tutorial. We chose these because pumpkins aren’t quite ripe yet, and because it’s early in the season, we want to ensure our pumpkins don’t decay. Remember, we want these planters to last about 4 months.

If you use a foam or plastic pumpkin, make sure it is hollow and can be carved. Most of the ones in the floral section of your local craft store are designed for this reason. We loved the detail on this pumpkin even though it wasn’t hollow, the one will be used primarily for succulents which need really good drainage to thrive.

If you are going to use a live pumpkin, select a pumpkin that will sit flat nicely and is free of blight. We love using pumpkins with unusual shapes; there are so many opportunities to think outside of the box when designing this project.

Step 2 – Trace your Pot Placement

Select a round pot that you estimate will fit inside the pumpkin. Once you have picked your pumpkin, use your round container and a marker to trace a circle around the stem or where you plan on placing your pot.

We like to preserve the shape of the pumpkin, so we chose a pot that is about 2 inches shorter than the width.

Step 3 – Carve your Pumpkin Planter

Use a carving knife or an exact-o knife to carve along the circle that you planned to place your pot.

If you are using a live pumpkin to make your planter, the next step is to scoop out the pumpkin seeds and pulp.

Next, drill at least three drainage holes in the bottom of the pumpkin.

Step 4 – Plant your Pumpkin Pot

Use Mosser Lee Long Fibered Sphagnum Moss with some potting soil for optimum water retention. For this pumpkin we are planting succulents and are including a gravel base to increase drainage . Since this is an unconventional pot, we want to ensure that the roots stay healthy as long as possible.

Step 5 – Add Moss Accents to your Pumpkin Pot

Add Moss Accents to your pumpkin pot. We used a hot glue gun, Spanish moss, and reindeer moss to give our pumpkin pot a woodsy feel perfect for our fall porch decor.

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