Air Layering Grow Kit

Mosser Lee® Airlayer Grow Kit™ Grow healthy houseplants and trees in weeks instead of years. This ancient Chinese method of plant propagation develops roots on limbs while still attached to the parent plant. The key is the long fibered sphagnum moss which continues to nourish the developing roots. The kit contains everything needed to complete 10 airlayers (except the knife). Hundreds of plant varieties can be airlayered successfully.

  • New plants have the same characteristics as the parent plant
  • Kit includes:
    • long fibered sphagnum moss, natural and renewable
    • plastic wraps,
    • twist ties,
    • rooting powder,
    • picks
    • complete instructions

224 Cubic Inch Bag



Airlayering allows you to grow healthy houseplants and trees in weeks instead of years. That’s right, there is no need to wait for seeds to germinate when you can produce leafy, new trees in weeks instead of years. You can even watch the roots grow. Mosser Lee’s Airlayer Grow Kit is a great gift idea for parents who want to give to their children a baby tree from a special parent tree in their back yard. What a wonderful way to give children a very meaningful new house gift!

What is Air Layering?

Air Layering is a propagation method of growing a completely new plant while still attached to the parent plant. The process includes cutting into the parent plant, placing rooting powder in the incision, covering the wound with wet sphagnum moss to create the perfect environment for growth and seal the moss around the wound. A practice first documented in China almost two thousand years ago, airlayering supports the healthy propagation of trees and woody plants. Today, many professional tropical plant nurseries use this process to propagate their stock each season. While Mosser Lee did not discover this incredible practice, we have made it easy with our complete Airlayer Grow Kit.

Long fibered Sphagnum Moss

Long-fibered sphagnum moss is the key to airlayering’ s success. Long-fibered sphagnum’s water retentive ability keeps the incision moist for a long time, without the need to add water. Sphagnum moss also does not allow bacteria to enter the area. This clean, anti-bacterial moist environment encourages new roots to develop at the incision without the threat of infection.

What is included in the Air Layer Grow Kit

Mosser Lee’s Airlayer Grow Kit contains everything needed to complete 10 air layers: long fiber Sphagnum Moss, plastic wraps, ties, rooting powder, picks and complete instructions.

There are numerous articles published on the internet on airlayering.

Mosser Lee’s Airlayer Grow Kit makes a great gift.


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