Mixed River Stones

We package these rocks and stones in reusable plastic jars. Each stone and rock have its own special look and size. Interior gardeners value the consistent size of our stones and prize them for their beauty. Our jars have a screw cap and are sealed at the factory. Our decorative stones are lightly polished and can be used in a variety of settings:

  • Vase-filler for fresh or artificial arrangements
  • Perfect for terrariums and fairy gardens
  • Retain moisture in plant soil
  • Arrange in pots for better drainage
  • Water and fountain designs
  • Great for germinating paper whites
  • Not for use in aquariums

Mixed River Stones           5 lb Jar

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Mosser Lee offers several unique imported decorative rocks and stones imported in reusable plastic jars. Discover your own creativity with these home decorative products. Most of these products are only available in jars.

River Pebbles:

Mosser Lee River Pebbles are the most popular river stones in our line. These natural stones are harvested from ancient Chinese rivers, sorted, washed, air dried and hand placed in plastic jars. Millions of years of rushing water have naturally polished the once sharp lines of these natural pebbles. Often referred as pea gravel, our River Pebbles surpass everything on the market for quality.

Black River Stones:

Black River Stones are elegant. Uniformly sized at approximately 1 ¾” X 1”, our Black River Stones are slightly polished with a touch of black wax to enhance their beauty.

Soft White River Stones:

Soft White River Stones have are light grey with hints of gold. Uniformly sized at approximately 1 ¾” X 1”, our Soft White River Stones are slightly polished with a touch of wax to enhance their beauty.

Mixed River Stones:

Mixed River Stones combine the many stone colors found in riverbeds. The stones include grey, black, brown, tan and soft white colors. Measuring approximately 1 ¾” X 1”, these stones have a light polish to bring out their beauty.

Marble Nuggets:

Mosser Lee Marble Nuggets come from volcanically created substrate pushed to the surface by the changing earth’s crust. Exposed marble, white from the mineral deposits, is mined and washed to create the perfect decorative stone.    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, Crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www. P65Warnings.ca.gov

Many Decorative Uses:

Use for terrariums, dish gardens, vase filler, fairy gardens and scores of decorative gardening projects.

Packaged in Reusable Plastic Jars:

Each jar contains 5 lbs. of product. The plastic jar screw tops are tamper-proof sealed from the factory with tape.

Not for use in aquariums.

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