Natural Sheet Moss

Mosser Lee® Natural Sheet Moss is a natural organic moss harvested on the floor of old growth forests. Use it as a decorative soil cover to hide the drab soil in your house plant pots while it retards soil moisture evaporation. Sheet moss is also ideal for a variety of arts and crafts. Easy to cut with a scissors and shape to fit your needs. While we inspect and remove foreign material before packaging, it is a natural product and may contain traces of leaves, pine needles, and lichens that grow along with it.

  • Sheets can be cut to size
  • Helps to prevent weed growth
  • Helps retain moisture in potted plants
  • 100% organic and renewable
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Mosser Lee’s Natural Sheet Moss is one of the most decorative mosses in the Mosser Lee family. Unlike our other mosses, Natural Sheet Moss is harvested from forests, which is why it looks so natural in flower arrangements.

What is Different about Mosser Lee’s Natural Sheet Moss?

Over the years, our customers have told us that they overwhelmingly prefer the look of natural moss. Dyed mosses look fake and detract from the beauty of the plants it is supposed to compliment. While we clean each piece, our Natural Sheet Moss may contain small sticks and pine needles, adding to the “Fresh from Nature” look of our Natural Sheet Moss.

Natural Sheet Moss Applications and Uses

Only limited by your creativity, there are many decorating uses for this 100% organic moss. Sized in clean sheets, this beautiful moss can be cut with a scissors to almost any size and shape. It is very easy to handle.

The natural look and feel of our moss make it ideal for:

  • Terrariums
  • Artificial arrangements
  • Planter soil cover
  • Hanging basket liner
  • Dish Gardens
  • Flower pot cover by gluing it to the sides of the pots
  • Crafts and school projects
  • Lawns in doll houses
  • Many, many more….

It is also used extensively in exhibits, zoos and aquariums. The John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago remodeled the Oceanarium covering the rocks and forest floor with Mosser Lee’s Natural Sheet Moss.

Sizes Available

Available in three sizes: 375 square inch bag and 2.4 cubic foot box

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