Reindeer Moss - Assorted Collection

Mosser Lee® Reindeer Moss is hand chosen, cleaned, and color preserved for freshness for lasting beauty. Reindeer Moss accents any decoration and retains its color and softness. It is also the perfect complement to floral or indoor planting projects. Reindeer Moss adds color and texture to any plant arrangement, terrarium or display and is ideal for crafting.  Available in dark green or tri-color.

  • Used by professional decorators
  • Ideal for terrariums, dish gardens and fairy gardens
  • Great for hobby, craft and school projects
  • Soil cover for potted plants

Assorted Colors     3 Ounce Bag

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Mosser Lee Reindeer Moss is hand chosen, cleaned, preserved for freshness, and colored for lasting beauty.

What is Reindeer Moss?

Reindeer moss is not a moss, but rather a lichen. It gets its name from the reindeer that eat it in the Artic areas where the temperature is cool. Because of its easy adaption to absorbing color, it is perfect for decorative purposes. Mosser Lee’s reindeer moss is harvested in the cold climates of Norway in a sustainable and conscientious manner to ensure its renewal.

Reindeer Moss Uses

Mosser Lee Reindeer Moss accents any decoration and retains its color and softness so you can use it over and over. When a splash of color adds interest to your design, use Mosser Lee’s Reindeer Moss:

  • Terrariums, dish gardens and fairy gardens
  • Potted plants to hide dirt
  • Hobby, craft and school projects
  • Floral arrangements and silk flower designs
  • Vase filler to hide flower stems

Available Colors

Available in packages of dark green and assorted collection (red, blue and light green)


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