River Rock

Mosser Lee’s decorative rocks are an essential decorating component for interior gardeners, Our rocks are cleaned and carefully inspected to ensure product consistency. Each rock type offers its own unique look. Choose the look and size that best fits your project.

  • Covers soil of indoor and container plants
  • Improves drainage
  • Ideal for terrariums, fairy gardens and dish gardens
  • Use in craft and decorative projects
  • Protects soil and helps retain moisture
  • Adds color, texture and variety to house plants

River Rock               5 lb


Mosser Lee developed the small, packaged rock and stone category for interior gardening use. Today we have a complete line of stones and rocks to meet all the needs and design characteristics for interior gardening. Used by professional gardeners and recommended in many gardening books, Mosser Lee Stones and Rocks beautify any floral arrangement as well as the drab appearance of potting soil for live plants and in artificial arrangements.

River Rock:

Mosser Lee’s River Rock provides a decorative cover for your interior plants. These rocks improve water drainage and provide humidity to your container plants. Our River Rock is drawn from the cold flowing rivers of the deep Wisconsin woods. Millions of years of rushing water have naturally polished the once sharp lines of this natural rock into these beautiful River Rocks.

Pearl Stone:

Mosser Lee’s Pearl Stone represents the finest in quality rock bedding. The small particles are perfectly designed to loosen heavy soils and provide excellent bases for any gardening or craft project. Pearl Stone’s rich grey color and small dimension are designed for creative creations.

River Gravel:

Mosser Lee’s River Gravel is clean, easy to use and has numerous applications around the house. Use to retain moisture in plant soil, beautify indoor and outdoor container plants, improve plant drainage and create water and fountain designs. River Gravel works well for terrariums, dish gardens and various craft and decorative projects. Often referred to a pea gravel.

Marble Nuggets:  

Mosser Lee’s Marble Nuggets make an attractive soil cover for indoor and outdoor container plants, including bonsai, cacti and others. Beautify and enhance your plants by adding a decorative top layer of Marble Nuggets to your planters and pots. Marble Nuggets are also ideal for terrariums, water and dish gardens, clear vases, forcing paper white bulbs and various craft and decorative projects. The number of uses for these stones is only limited by your imagination. Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, Crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www. P65Warnings.ca.gov. Not for use in aquariums.

Decorative Rocks and Stones have many uses:

Mosser Lee’s Stones and Rocks are uniform in size which allows you to use every stone. The natural beauty of the stones and rocks will remain attractive for years of use.

  • Place on top of any potted soil to reduce moisture evaporation in interior houseplants.
  • Fill glass vases and place artificial or live cut flowers through the stones. Add water to live arrangements.
  • Place stones in the bottom of pots before adding dirt to provide drainage. May not be able to reuse stones after use.
  • Place stones under clay pots to allow the pots to drain after watering. Stones are flat and provide pot stability.
  • Accent color and shapes in custom designs and crafts.
  • Add to terrariums to accent the growing medium
  • Many, many more…..


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