No DampOff™ Organic Seed Starting Medium

NoDampOff™: The Ultimate in Seed Starting™ is an exceptional organic seed starting medium. Milled long fibered sphagnum moss has been recommended by professionals as the only renewable seed starter.  Made from Wisconsin-grown long fibered sphagnum moss plant, NoDampOff™ is free of peat, which can contain harmful damping-off bacteria that could kill your seedlings. NoDampOff™ gives your seeds the best chance of achieving the highest seed germination rate available.

  • All organic seed starting medium, no artificial ingredients added
  • Proven highest germination rates
  • Retards damping-off, a fatal disease of germinating seeds and seedlings
  • Recommended and used by professional horticulturists for over 50 years
  • Encourages strong root growth, resulting in healthier and sturdier plants
  • Natural and renewable medium
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Mosser Lee’s NoDampOff™: The Ultimate in Seed Starting™ is an exceptional organic seed starting medium made from the renewable Sphagnum Moss plant. Unlike other seed starters, with NoDampOff™, you can assure yourself that you will achieve the highest rate of seed germination available. We back this up with a money-back guarantee! No other seed starter does that either!

Why Starting Seeds with NoDampOff™ Works.

NoDampOff™ is not your ordinary peat-based seed starter. Because NoDampOff™ is made from the Wisconsin-grown sphagnum moss long fiber plant, it is free of dirt and decomposed peat, which can contain or attract harmful bacteria that could devastate your seedlings. The sphagnum moss plant is uniquely adapted as a seed starter because of its two important attributes. First it holds and retains 20 times its weight in water. This is important because in order for seeds to properly germinate, they need a moist environment that should never dry out. NoDampOff™ retains water for an exceptionally long time, longer than any other seed starter. That means your seeds have a better chance of germinating, even if you miss a few watering.

The second unique NoDampOff™ benefit for seed starting is its natural anti-bacterial property that protects tender seedlings from deadly pathogens. Many studies have been conducted on why the undecomposed sphagnum moss fiber retards pathogens. The most likely research suggests that sphagnum starves pathogen’s need for its nitrogen-based food. We named our finely milled sphagnum moss plant, NoDampOff™ after the pathogen disease ‘damping off’ which is a primary cause of seedling death shortly after it sprouts.

Tested Against All Consumer Seed Starters

Whether for a professional nursery or your back yard garden, you should not have to risk that your seeds won’t germinate successfully. Different seeds have varying germination rates, but our professional-grade seed medium ensures top germination results faster than peat-based seed starting mediums. In one set of tests, NoDampOff™ germinated Lupine seeds faster and achieved a germination rate of 97% while a leading seed starter only germinated 75% of the seeds from the same seed package. We also tested a variety of garden, flower and commercial seeds against the leading consumer seed starters and in all cases, it outperformed its competitors. Seeds sprouted faster and more seedlings germinated (higher yield) with NoDampOff™. In many cases, the root growth systems showed stronger development (white roots) with NoDampOff™.

National Home Garden Club

When put to the test by very experienced home gardeners, our seed medium proved superior in germinating all types of seeds – from tomato hybrids to palm trees. We received the endorsement and recommendation by National Home Garden Club members. They liked the ease of use, no mess and the light weight of NoDampOff™.

NoDampOff™ is Organic and Renewable.

The sphagnum plant grows wild and is harvested from wetlands. No type of fertilization, herbicide, insecticide or other product is applied to grow sphagnum moss. Mosser Lee’s harvest methods ensures the reproduction of the plants in the same wetland, which have been harvested for over 150 years. Sphagnum reproduces by sporing seeds and reach harvestable growth after 7 to 10 years.

Full Money Back Guarantee

Professional nurseries do not take the risk that their seeds will not germinate, and neither should you. Starting seeds indoors should be enjoyable and productive. We stand behind NoDampOff™ with a full money back guarantee if in-dated same year seeds do not germinate according to seed packet or manufacturer germination rates. Details of our guarantee are listed on the package.

Complete directions are printed on the bag.  NoDampOff™ is available in a 222 cubic inch bag and 2-bushel sack.


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