About Us

Mosser Lee Historical SignMosser Lee® branded products are available at retail lawn and garden centers, hardware stores, online retailers and at wholesale nursery growers nationwide.

Mosser Lee® products include a full range of decorative mosses, decorative stones and rocks and plant soil covers for the home gardener. We also produce a popular line of soil testing meters and kits under the Soil Master brand. LabTech® products include a line of home contaminant testing kits. All our quality products are designed for both consumer and professional markets.

Since 1932, long fibered sphagnum moss has been a major signature product of our Company. Today, we are the largest harvester and fabricator of sphagnum moss long fiber products in North America. The sphagnum moss plant that we harvest contains unique water holding capacity and anti-bacterial attributes which make it indispensable in the horticulture industry. Our sustainable harvest operations ensure that this unique plant regrows in the same marshes that have been harvested for over 150 years.

Mosser Lee® and LabTech® are operating divisions of Deli, Inc.