Mosser Lee wins 2023 package design award for new Horticultural Charcoal Bag


Re-designed Mosser Lee Horticultural Charcoal package wins ‘Best in Category’ award from Great Lakes Graphics Association



Mosser Lee has been awarded the prestigious ‘2023 Best of Category’ Graphics Excellence Award from the Great Lakes Graphics Association for our re-designed bag for our Horticultural Charcoal.

Both Hard Water and Iron Contamination Responsible for Similar Problems


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December 30. 2014

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LabTech H2O OK™ and H2O OK Plus™ Water Testing Kits quickly identify real cause

Millston. WI – Mysteries may not always involve fingerprints or scrawled messages. Just turning on a tap in the kitchen, laundry room or bath can unleash puzzles that affect a myriad of household routines. Clues point to multiple culprits but when homeowners make an accurate identification, the offender can be eliminated.

These culprits? Hard water and an excess of iron in water. Hard water contains superfluous minerals. most typically calcium and magnesium. Iron in water is simply that; water which has retained too much iron as it travels to a home.

When bathing, hard water creates a film of soap scum that is difficult to rinse away, which affects skin and hair much as iron does, making it dry, flakey, dull and lifeless. Both contaminants interfere with day-to-day product application, hair coloring and straightening.

Foods cooked in either contaminated water are unappetizing in color and taste. Metallic flavors overwhelm coffee and tea.

Stains, impossible to remove, appear in laundry as minerals in either water bond with minerals in soils and perspiration. The fibers in clothing repeatedly washed in these waters become damaged, harsh and scratchy, and the life of the garment is shortened considerably.

There is a huge financial impact to contaminated waters. Both limestone in hard water and iron form scaling deposits that reduce water flow efficiency, waste energy and destroy appliances, sinks, toilets and bathtubs and entire plumbing systems.

Badly rusted pipes

Now, homeowners can identify the villains in minutes. H2O OK™ and H2O OK Plus™ are DIY in-home water test kits that identify hard water and iron levels along with lead, copper, nitrates and other contaminants. Each package includes two complete tests for each test condition that meet EPA and LabTech standards, vials, understandable illustrated instructions in English and Spanish, and charts to compare results to EPA maximum recommended levels. includes additional information. Both kits are available at Home Depot online and in stores.

After the correct perpetrator is easily found using H2O OK™ and H2O OK Plus™, systems can be implemented to soften water or filter iron, resulting in happier, healthier, cost-saving homes.