Soil Master™ Soil Test Kit

The Mosser Lee® Soil Master™ Soil Testing Kit is an easy and accurate way to measure soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The kit contains 10 tests for each element. Soil testing is recommended by professional gardeners as the only way to assure that your soil has the correct nutrients for your specific plants. Plants respond best when they receive the right plant food. Certain soil conditions can hinder plant growth and yield. Make sure that you feed your plants with what they need. Indoor plants and trees are particularly susceptible to soil deficiencies because we tend to just water them. Not all garden vegetable thrive on the same fertilizer. The only way to nourish your plants properly is to test before you plant and after you fertilize. Your plants need your help to eat right.

  • 40 complete tests
  • Do it yourself testing
  • Exclusive technology provides results in minutes
  • 8-page instruction and resource booklet
  • Illustrated easy to follow instructions
  • Test tubes for each of 4 test elements
  • No touch tablets
  • Free US zone planting chart
  • Telephone expert help
  • Website information 

We even provide free telephone help to answer questions before you buy or with testing.

This Test Kit is used to train Master Gardeners at the University of California.

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Mosser Lee’s Soil Master™ is the first name in soil testing. All Soil Master™ products meet exact testing standards, Homeowners and professionals alike rely on the results from Soil Master™ products. Soil Master Soil Testing Kit is quick and easy way to test your soil. All test results are instant and meet lab-quality standards. Use this kit to measure the soil pH level, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content.

What is Healthy Soil?

Soil quality is a measure of the level of four critical nutritional components in soil and its structure. Plants grow better in high-quality soil with the correct nutrient balance. They struggle in lower-quality soils with insufficient nutrients. Not all plants thrive in the same soil. The only way to give your plants the best chance to grow is to determine the correct amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium your plants require and to ensure proper pH of your soil. Here is a list of the optimal nutrient levels for various common plants.

Soil structure refers to the hardness or looseness of your soil. For example, plant roots battle to get through clay soil and prefer well-draining soil. Soil structure can be changed with soil additives, such as peat moss, compost, organic material, and sand.

Why is testing Important?

Farmers test their soil every year, not in one place but a several places in their fields. They know that to achieve the highest crop yield, the plants must have the proper and right amount of nutrients. Home gardeners often overlook this extremely important part of gardening. Tests for the four basics of quality soil should be performed in the soil for every type of vegetable plant. Different vegetable plants require different nutrition parameters. Knowing the correct plant food to use will produce the best outcome each year.

Soil testing is particularly important when planting a new lawn or repairing your existing lawn in the fall. Adding the right nutrients is critical in ensuring that the grass seed you choose has the best chance of succeeding. Test your lawn in different areas to apply the right soil nutrients.

Each test will tell you how to improve your plant’s chances to flourish, develop and thrive. Your yield for garden vegetable plants is completely dependent on the condition of the soil. Fertilizing before testing can cause excessive use of nutrients which can be harmful to your plants in addition to being wasteful.

What does the Soil Master™ Soil Testing Kit Include?

Soil Master Testing Kit contains enough tablets to perform 10 tests for each of the four quality components. This allows you to test your soil often and in more places in your garden or yard. Once you apply the required soil amendment, you should have enough remaining tests to verify your corrective action. The kit contains:

  • Four color-coded test tubes, one for each component
  • 10 “no-touch” reagent tablets for each of the four components, 40 in total (No messy tablets or spills)
  • 10 Floc-Ex tablets that speed the soil/water separation (a Soil Master™ Exclusive)
  • Water resistant color chart to ensure accuracy
  • 8-page information booklet with Growing Season Zone Planting Guide
  • Complete illustrated instructions.

Additional household items needed to conduct the tests:

  • Your soil sampling
  • Paper cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • Plastic spoon
  • Timer
  • Water (distilled water will give you the most accurate results)

Additional Information:

Visit our website which contains several pages of useful information on soil testing, including interpreting your test results.


Safety Data Sheet Links:

5504A Floc-Ex Tablets 06-01-2015
3703A Nitrate CTA Tablets 02-13-2019
5422A Phosphorus Tablets 02-24-2017
5424A Potassium Tablets 04-14-2015
5503A Soil pH Tablets 11-15-2016

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