How to Use Moss in Container Gardening

Container gardens are wonderful for adding interest to your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Using any of the three most popular and versatile decorative mosses as ground cover tops off the otherwise drab appearance of the soil and creates a refined look to your containers.

fern in planter with sphagnum moss

Container gardening is an anywhere sport. Placing fun or unusual containers with seasonal plants adds variety and is a great way to express your unique style to any setting-inside or out. Using any of the three most popular and versatile decorative mosses as ground cover tops off the otherwise drab appearance of the soil. Moss products also prevents water evaporation, keeping the moisture where it does the most good.

Best Types of Moss to use in Container Gardening

Long-Fibered Sphagnum Moss: Long-Fibered Sphagnum Moss appears in a variety of shades light to dark rich tan colors in 4 to 8 inch strands. Long-Fibered Sphagnum Moss is a sustainably harvested organic product. Not to be confused with sphagnum peat, which looks like dirt and isn’t as environmentally friendly.

Spanish Moss: Spanish Moss is appears as light grey interwoven strands. Easy to stretch and even hang from plant stems; a little goes a long way. Spanish moss is great adding to the tops of planters or arranging in wreaths.

Green Sheet Moss: Green Sheet Moss comes in medium dark green carpet-like sheets. Cut the sheets with scissors to desired shapes and place in your containers or floral arrangements. It can even be glued to the sides or tops of your pots

Reindeer Moss: Reindeer moss is naturally green but can be dyed multiple colors. You’ll often see Reindeer Moss glued to pots or arranged on the top of soil. You may also have seen Reindeer moss arranged in impressive wall hangings and sculptures.

Adding Moss to your indoor and outdoor containers is a wonderful way to create living spaces in your home or at work. Spaces that include natural elements like moss are know to contribute to more productive working environments, and happier homes. House Plants can alleviate this anxiety has a lot to do with the nature-deficit phenomenon. Basically we crave nature and the more we can bring organic and natural design in our commonly used spaces the better.

Inspiration Ideas for using moss in pots and planters

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