How to Test Soil

Every wonder why some people always have the best gardens. Soil Testing! Soil testing assures you the highest yield garden plants and the greenest lawns. It is highly recommended by professional horticulturists and Master Gardeners.

Person at table using Mosser Lee Soil Master Soil Test Kit

Project Difficulty


Mosser Lee
Products Needed

What You Will Need

1. Paper cup
2. Measuring spoons
3. Plastic spoon
4. Timer
5. Soil Sample
6. Distilled water


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Soil testing is highly recommended for gardens, potted plants, and lawns every year. If your soil does not contain the proper nutrition for your plant, your plants will not produce its maximum yield (vegetables, fruit, foliage or flowers). The Soil Master™ Soil Testing Kit is designed to be easy to use and accurate. The test kit instructions are illustrated and very easy to follow.

For a free Soil Test Results Log

Soil Master List of Plants and Nutrient Levels