Living Wreath

Mosser Lee’s Living Wreaths are ready to plant. Insert live plants, such as herbs and succulents, or cut flowers. Live plants can stay moist for weeks when following easy directions. Reuse the frame for pine bow door wreaths or with dried flowers. The long fibered sphagnum moss wreath body is firm and easy to use. Built on a painted steel frame to prevent rusting and wrapped with attractive netting, it is sturdy and virtually unbreakable. Easier to use than wire box frames which require purchasing each of component separately.

  • Ready to plant
  • No Soil Needed
  • Ideal for herbs
  • Succulent wreaths
  • Fertilize as you water
  • Natural, organic and renewable moss


Mosser Lee’s Sphagnum Moss Living Wreath is ready to plant with very little prep. Our wreath is filled with soft long-fibered sphagnum moss, which is capable of absorbing and retaining 20 times its weight in water – almost three times as much as a kitchen sponge. Just follow the simple instructions located on the back of the package.

Ready to Plant

Unlike wire forms that must be filled with moss or soil, Mosser Lee’s Living Wreath requires no messy preparation and assembly. Easier to use than wire box frames which require purchasing each of the components separately. The hardest part of using our wreath is determining what to plant. Live plants, succulents, herbs and cut flowers that require moist environment love its nurturing body which can stay moist for weeks. Its sturdy construction also works well with artificial flowers and pine boughs.

Sphagnum Moss Living Wreath

The key to the success of Mosser Lee’s Living Wreath is the natural and organic sphagnum plant. Harvested in the marshes of Wisconsin, this indispensable sphagnum long fiber has high water retention capacity and inhibits the growth of harmful pathogens that might inhibit plant growth. The sphagnum moss wreath body is firm yet easy to use. Built on a painted steel frame, wrapped in attractive netting, and bound with line, it is sturdy enough to hold any arrangement.

Multiple Uses

Use your creativity to plan and plant your wreath. Mosser lee’s Living Wreath offers many wreath placement possibilities:

  • Table-top centerpiece
  • Door hanging
  • Herb garden on your kitchen counter
  • Windowsill greenhouse

Take a look at our tutorial on making a Christmas Herb Living Wreath for more inspiration.


Complete instructions are in every package on how to use and plant your wreath. Available in three diameter sizes: 12-inch wreath, 16-inch wreath and 20-inch wreath.

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